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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  October 2, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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we'll stream it on got to see it. super guy. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. monika samtani is off. beverly farmer will have traffic momentarily. >> right now henry winkler's costar in the weather office howard bernstein. >> i'll take that we have showers especially west of town. cloudy skies in many areas. it's muggy. 67. it's a lot warmer than it has been. 71 by noon. i think the bulk of the showers will be this morning. by the middle of the day a few showers here and there, 71. we finish 75 to 80. might get a couple peaks of sunshine -- peeks of sunshine before the day is over. here's the rain just north and west of d.c. moving from loudoun county into frederick and montgomery county. you see it from silver spring up 270. really coming down in southern and eastern loudoun county and a wet start in frederick and mounairy back to manassas. but south of manassas you'll notice the showers really start to break up and east of 95 not too much to talk about. upper 50s to upper 60s now. just some rain gear.
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beverly farmer, how is the rain affecting the morning commute? some folks have had some spinout, slide qowt kind of accidents police are -- slideouts kind of accidents police are dealing with. one was on 28 to centreville to get on 66. an example of what we don't want to deal with this morning. 66 already slow in manassas in centreville. new problem ahead with a broken down tractor-trailer before you merge on from nutley street. that's tying up the right lane. delays coming in from 50 fair oaks. if you travel in on 95 northbound, the volume delays to get up to quantico out of stafford. heavy volume again across the owk quan into -- occoquan into woodbridge. and 395 past duke street. saw delays leaving frederick toward hyattstown. the volume is decent at this point even on wet pavement as you make your way down toward the beltway. your next check of timesaver traffic coming up at 6:11. back to you. for just the second time in franchise history, the
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nationals are nl east champions. they clinched the division when the braves lost to the pirates in pittsburgh. >> the team kind of backed into the title but the fans sure didn't mind. nothing like the sound of nl east championship applause. the crowd went wild when the final score was up on the big screen. the players high fived each other. no one seemed to mind the nats lost to the phillies. kristin fisher is live at nationals park with more on the 2012nl east champions. kristin? >> reporter: 79 years. we're going to have playoff baseball right here in the nation's capital. for fans this is something they've been waiting for ever since the team first came here in 2005. and now finally we're number  one. check out the scene. inside the locker room right after all the players left the field last night it was crazy
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inside the clubhouse. the players, coaches, manager davey johnson, all of them getting showered in sham pain. stephen strasburg apparently even did the limbo but not bryce harper. the all-star is only 19. he had to share some apple cider, nonalcoholic apple cider with adam la roche's 9-year-old son. 22 home runs he still can't drink the bubbly. minutes earlier the team celebrated on the field. fireworks, more shame pain. it was a moment -- champagne. it was a moment they dreamed of for six straight months. it was a moment they almost couldn't believe was happening. >> it's unbelievable. this town, this city, this team, it's speechless. >> in the spring nobody talked about us having a chance. we kept our noses in the game. every single guy stepped up. it's a huge accomplishment. we're happy to be the nl east division champs. >> we've come a long way. it's been a long year. we've done some good things.
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done a couple bad things but to finish on top is something i'll never forget. >> we've come a long way in a very short time. we have a long way to go. we've got a good young club. i think we should do this every year. >> playoff baseball means playoff merchandise. and this is the t-shirt that everybody wants to get their hands on this morning. there's still a few in the team store. you can buy them online. i'm hearing this morning that the baseball hats are almost out. so if you want them, you better get down here quick because you know those are going to sell out fast. mike, if you want one, if you're nice, i might try and run in and get you one before they all run out. >> if they have navy, i want one because i already have the shirt. i'm not giving this back. >> reporter: oh, you do. >> thanks, kristin fisher. >> anything special just for women, kristin. >> i don't want anything that fits women. kristin fisher is live outside nationals park where the celebration continues this morning. the nationals announce hall
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of famer frank robinson will throw out the first pitch at one of the upcoming playoff games. he was the manager for the team's first two years here in washington. the team's website says he'll throw out the first pitch for either game three or game four of the division series coming up next week. a sad anniversary. it was ten years ago today the sniper shootings in our area began. it started with a stray bullet going through the window of a crafts store in aspen hill, maryland. an hour later 55-year-old james martin was killed in the parking lot of a shoppers food warehouse in glenmont. at first it seemed just like a random crime but the next day four people were shot and killed in the span of two hours across montgomery county. it took three more weeks before police arrested john allen mohammad and lee boyd malvo. the to werelinked to the shoot -- two were linked to the shootings which killed ten people and hurt three others. rhett leverett was killed monday morning in northwest washington.
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he was hit by a car while walking his dog. the driver of the car had some kind of medical episode. he began teaching at marymount in 1991. he had a doctorate from catholic university. tomorrow two d.c. council members will look into lowering the amount that we all pay for those red light and speed camera tickets in the district. going 11 miles over the limit will cost you $125 in some places. running a red light $150. council member mary shah and tommy wells will discuss whether or not the fines should be restructured. in the last year the city brought more than $65 million into coffers just from traffic enforcement tickets. 6:06. jessica doyle is back with another your money report. >> time is running out for the president and congress before the fiscal cliff. it's exhausting even to say it. >> there's a big huge downside for all of us. let's say the fiscal cliff happens. a major tax hike is on the way if congress doesn't act and
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soon. the tax policy center estimates most households could see an nch tax increase of -- an average tax increase of $3500. that's because a record number of tax increases are due mostly to the expiration of temporary provisions that were put in place since 2001. they're said to take effect in january. all tolled, the center estimates the taxes would rise by more than $500 billion in 2013. the good news? if you think congress will let all the scheduled tax increases take effect but at the moment it's not clear what kind of fiscal clear deal lawmakers want to negotiate. and anything they do resolve won't happen till after the election. it's a boy for yahoo's c.e.o. mar ris ya may -- marissa mayer. she was one of the original employees of google. she planned to go back to work a few weeks after giving birth and her comments set off a lengthy debate about how corporate family policies makes it hard to juggle a successful
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career and family. questions are being raised about ikea's commitment to gender equality. the swedish furniture maker is under fire for ads like this one. you take a look, the woman on the left of the ad has been digitally removed from the ad on the right. ikea has been digitally removing women from the saudi version of its catalogue. "the wall street journal" reports ikea has released a statement expressing regret and says the decision clashes with its value. in saudi arabia, a woman must have a man's permission to leave the house, study or work and they're also not allowed to drive. >> people are pretty upset. >> but can't they brush their teeth? >> it seems like such an overstep. >> really. thank you, jess. our time 16:08. in -- is 6:08. in four minutes, a preview of tomorrow's first presidential debate. >> howard says grab an umbrella before you head out the door. you will need t. up next how long the soggy weather is going to stick around.
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>> a pair of true geniuses in our area. they're among 23 recipients of the genius grant. david finkel is a journalist with the washington both. dinaw mengestu is another win. >> another winner is a 31-year- old who has played on everybody's records. he's a phenomenal musician with the madeleine. he didn't pick up his phone with the people from the foundation called. he thought did was a robo call. eventually message got through and he too, will have the award.
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welcome back. howard here with your weather first. you'll need some rain gear. expecting scattered showers around. maybe a couple of thunderstorms. will be more likely this morning. by the afternoon the axis may shift more east of i-95. it will be a seasonably mild day with highs between 75 and 80. checking out your drive, if you're east on 66, you're about to head there. here's the irk. eastbound 66 -- issue. eastbound 66 trying to get into vienna. two separate incidents. on the left side you see the fire department response to an incident. fronds that the -- beyond that the far right lane is blocked. going to cost you extra time this morning. also east near the 27-mile marker heading into delaplane, there's an issue on the left side. your next timesaver traffic at 6:18. >> thank you. the first of three presidential debates is tomorrow night in denver.
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the focus tomorrow night is domestic issues, especially the economy. joining us for a preview this morning is the white house correspondent for "u.s.a. today," channel 9 and "u.s.a. today" are both owned by gannett. we're glad to have you here with us. the debates have been hiked as game changers but even last month the obama advisors were saying they expect mitt romney to get a big boost from the media and in the polls after wednesday night. is that what we should expect to see? >> it's amazing how both sides can fall over each other to say nice things about each other right before the debate. i think the one and only time they'll say anything nice about each other. it's an interesting situation, for mitt romney, this debate is very important. he does need a game change. he's behind. there's time but time is running out so he needs to reverse momentum. for president obama, he needs to keep the momentum going. he wants to keep romney on the defense and that's what he's
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going to look to accomplish with the debate. >> it's going to be very tough. we're talking about the economy and the president has to answer that infamous question are we better off today than four years ago. seems like his advisors have even had problems answering that question. >> yeah. but at the same time he's definitely i think sort of turned the question into well, yes, we aren't better off than with you are four years ago today but remember where you were four years ago today and how we were on the cusp of depression and it could have been a lot worse. and, you know, whether you agree with him or disagree with him, he's been able to turn the question around pretty aptly. >> governor romney has changed his opinion on the dream act and governor chris christie says he has to do something bold and he will do something bold. is this the beginning of seeing
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bold moves by governor romney? >> he's got to do something. the race is close overall but when you look at the swing states and particularly ohio and florida, he's getting pretty far behind. if he loses both ohio and florida, it's over. but as far as substantively, i have a hard time believing there's going to be a huge big policy announced in a debate. that just doesn't happen. often these small moments -- i knew john f. kennedy. you're likable enough. >> what's interesting, your colleague david jackson, who watches these things found that a new study show -- david jackson does -- that the candidate who blinking the least during the debate is the person who will declared the win senator. >> i'll be counting. that's my job to count the blinks. these things are -- it's amazing. but it also gets back to body language is very important. you go back in history. we all learned how nixon beat kennedy on the radio but on tv he lost. >> does it swing the way voters
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will vote in november what happens in these debates? >> here's another thing that's really important for romney. likability. he needs to get a human moment in there. there's a poll out where more people want to see obama on "dancing with the stars" than romney. that's sully. it's absolutely ridiculous but it talks about something obama has that romney has had a difficult time overcoming. >> it's something we heard with george w. bush and al gore at one time. thank you very much. he'll be watching the debates tomorrow in richmond with a group of voters. 9news and "u.s.a. today" are teaming up for debate night. beginning tomorrow night at 9:00, u.s.a. today reporters will be fact checking and counting blinks of what the candidates say. see it live on and catch aamer's reporting from virginia. you nova v.a. is a battleground state for this election. now to howard for the forecast. thanks. scattered showers out there so grab the rain gear but it's not
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that cool. cool spots in the upper 50s, most in the 60s. the sunrise not till 7:05. it will be dark, emily with the cloud -- especially with the crowd color for another 40 minutes or so. 66 here. these numbers may be even upper 60s to low 70s by noon. probably not too much movement till the afternoon when we get a break or two in the cloud cover. fewer showers. highs today 75 to 80. by 8:00 74. can't rule out a couple of showers tonight. if you're going out to the nats game tonight, there could be a few showers. a lot of it this morning if you see batches back in west virginia, southwestern virginia, locally we've seen one batch of rain just miss the heart of d.c. north and west. but look at this. the upper half of montgomery county, even back here toward tuesday came error a and bruins -- tuscarora and brunswick. south and west you're a lot quieter. fairfax is quite a downpour for the moment. there's moderate rain headed to
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germantown and clarksburg. we've got these scattered showers all the way back toward richmond. this goes back to about north carolina. so we're going to be in and out of the showers all morning long. as i said, i think fewer showers this afternoon. but don't put the rain gear away. temperatures low to mid-60s out there. fairly uniform. lovettsville 59 with 61 in haymarket. 64 fort belvoir and college park also 64. outside on our michael & son weather camera, still quiet out there. wisconsin avenue, traffic looks like it's doing all right. 66 with clouds at reagan national. east, northeast wind at 3 miles an hour. our humidity high at 83%. moisture continues to stream in actually from georgia and south carolina. this goes off the western florida coast up into pennsylvania and new york. that's why it does look a bit unsettled today. not an all day rain but certainly scattered to numerous showers. maybe a rumble of thunder, 78. tonight 60s to near 730 for -- near 70 for the low. wednesday looks warm, 84 with
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sun by afternoon. thursday also looks nice 82. friday great finish to the workweek about 80. over the weekend here's comes a front. could be a shower saturday 77. better chance of showers sunday, upper 60s. cooler monday. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani. she has the latest on timesaver traffic. we have issues for red line commuters on metrorail. they're single tracking tran between van necessary and dupont -- van ness and dupont. this issue going to cost you time on 66. eastbound trying to get past nutley street, going to find both the left and far right lane blocked with this incident. two separate incidents it looks like. they happened so close together that two lanes are squeezing by the middle. delays building into fair ekes. eastbound 66 trying to make your way into marshal near the 27-mile marker, the accident in the left lane for travelers there. if you're traveling northbound 95, 395, the volume still getting into woodbridge coming across the occoquan as you come up from the prince william parkway into newington, toward 395. the pace here approaching
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landmark and seminary. not too bad. the building volume is approaching the 14th street bridge. lanes are open there. outer loop delays growing as you head west of college park to get into silver spring. a crash on randolph road westbound has at least one of the travel lanes blocked. police are on the scene. road owed avenue is blocked near 2-7bd street northeast he -- 2nd street northeast with a crash. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:20 now. up next a sports story that will make a lot of people in this town smile. the cowboys got crushed against the bears last night. >> the bears. now let's get another check on your question of the morning. it is 85% of people who own which of these things never use it? is it a, a treadmill, b, an oven or c, a piano? >> teresa, our facebook friend says a, a treadmill. my daughter had to have one. she swore it was going to make all the difference just to have her own. now it collects dust. >> keep the guesses coming. find out if you're correct at
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6:53. too many americans are struggling to find work
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in today's economy. too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make falling incomes meet rising prices for food and gas. more americans are living in poverty than when president obama took office and fifteen million more are on food stamps. president obama and i both care about poor and middle-class families. the difference is my policies will make things better for them. we shouldn't measure compassion by how many people are on welfare. we should measure compassion by how many people are able to get off welfare and get a good paying job. my plan will create twelve million new jobs over the next four years helping lift families out of poverty and strengthening the middle-class. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message because we can't afford another four years like the last four years.
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♪ welcome back. your weather first. approaching 6:24. grab the rain gear. we have scattered showers. temperatures will be climbing into the low if not mid-70s toward lunch time. fewer showers expected this afternoon, high 75 to 80. michael? so you're saying there's a chance. there is a chance, a real chance we could have the first ever battle of the beltways world series coming up in october. >> that's because the nats won the national league east while the orioles have clinched a playoff spot. they're still trying to win the al east against the yankees. >> they started a three-game series with the rays last night. they were down 5-1 in the 9th. chris davis has a two-run homer off the catwalk at tropicana field which cut the deficit to 2. but with the tying run grounded out to end the game,
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orioles lose. oakland athletics celebrating their first playoff berth since 2006. they beat the rangers last night 4-3. oakland just one game back of texas in the al west. those teams play each other two more times this week. it's a pretty good morning to be a d.c. sports fan. the nationals win the nl east championship. the redskins had a great come from behind win sunday. hey, cowboys looked awful on monday night football. quarterback tony romo got picked off five times by the bears last night. chicago returned two of those picks for touchdowns. bears beat the cowboys -- sorry, jess -- 34-18. >> i thought of our director who is a big cowboys fan. 6:25. coming up, the new online music service that's giving ten bucks directly to your favorite artists. >> plus, more on guess who?
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the national league east champions, the washington nationals. we'll get reaction from fans on the big night at the ballpark. >> before you grab the keys, let's check in with beverly. she has a quick look at the traffic. >> not a quick ride on 66. we had two separate issues getting into vienna. eastbound 66 nutley street, the one that was in the right lane has moved off to the shoulder. left lane blocked. delays out ever fair lakes -- of fair lakes. we'll be back. more news coming up. stay with us. i don't spend money
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on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪
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we are back at 6:30. this is the place where you can always get your weather first. you can tell the streets are wet. that's not going away any time soon so bring an umbrella to work this morning. thank you for starting your tuesday with us. good morning. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. let's toss it over to howard bernstein live on the weather terrace looking at the conditions here in northwest. >> we have some mist, drizzle. it's not raining nearly as heavily as some of the areas north and west are seeing this morning. that rain was really coming down. we start you off with the day planner because i want you to know we're going to have scattered showers on and off, especially this morning. i think fewer this afternoon as the core of the stuff this afternoon may actually hit the eastern shore more so than areas here in the metro. lunch time temps won't be moving much from where they are right now. we'll actually get to 75, 80 with a few more showers and mostly cloudy skies this afternoon.
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look how the rains have just missed d.c. north and west. upper montgomery county into howard county seeing the heavier stuff into frederick and carol. you get toward shady grove road north there in rockville, you're hitting it. sterling seeing heavier showers. then it breaks up. still a couple of heavier showers around manassas and south and west. we'll be in and out of this stuff especially for the morning hours. beverly farmer, rain is mosque in. -- rain is moving in. not good for traffic. metrorail, a track problem woodley park impacts the commute for read line travel -- red line travelers. they're single tracks trains so that will cost extra time for riders. 66 eastbound already lined up with a crash near marshal along the left side getting into manassas and centreville. then the next lineup near fair lakes and fair oaks to get past this incident eastbound at nutley street. for a time there were two lanes blocked with two separate incidents. now you're squeezing by the incident in the left lane. three lanes getting by but jammed up there.
6:32 am
delays across the occoquan coming out of woodbridge. heavy traffic into newington and springfield and past landmark and shirlington. at least no obstacles. maryland drivers 270 lineups off and on out of frederick to high yachts sewn and then through germantown and getting down into rockville, the issue has been southbound in the local lanes close to falls road see how slowly they're moving on the right side of the screen. word of a broken down vehicle there. lineup out of college park to silver spring. you know that drill. inbound rhode island avenue blocked at northeast with a crash. next timesaver traffic comes up at 6:43. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. we'll -- well never, never has a washington crowd cheered for a pittsburgh time as much as they did last night. just as the nationals finished the top of the 9th, word went out across the park that the pirates beat the braves. the crowd went wild. the players went wild.
6:33 am
they didn't even mind a 2-0 loss to the phillies. >> kristin fisher is live at nationals park this morning celebrating the first division title for the washington franchise since 1981. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. can you believe it? it's a good morning to be a nats fan. i tell you what, playoff baseball, it means playoff memorabilia, right? so this right here, this is the t-shirt that everybody is trying to get their hands on this morning. i tell you what. as hot a commodity this is, the big seller right now is actually the playoff baseball hat. i'm being told that they are almost all sold out online and in the team store. it's because nats fans, this is something they have been waiting for ever since the team first came here in 2005. and they went crazy when they clinched the division last night. listen to this. >> history. history in the making. we waited all this time for a playoff run. we're going to the world series. world series. >> i'm excited. i was there for the first game
6:34 am
at this stadium. i'm here for the first playoff. i'm so excited. i couldn't be more excited to be here at nats stadium. >> number one, baby, number one. hopefully we can take all of it. absolutely. go nationals. >> reporter: check out the scene inside the locker room right after the team left the field. absolutely crazy. music, dancing, cheering, champagne everywhere. everybody was soaked. it was such a huge moment for this very young team. after the crazy celebration quieted down, a lot of the players took to twitter to kind of sound off about what they were thinking. this is such a huge moment. here we have steaf ten strasburg -- spheef ten strasburg saying -- stephen strasburg saying such an amazing feeling. so proud to be a part of it.
6:35 am
>> we have bryce harper saying i want to thank the city of d.c. and all the fans for their support. you guys have showed us all year. nl east title but not done yet. so let the playoffs begin. i'm going to do my best to get you some of this playoff memorabilia, but i've got to say the team store does not open till 11:00 so anyone who wants to come down here and get some, wait till 11:00. i'm being told there might even be a line. >> i bet there will be. hats, t-shirts. we have a couple of samples. d.c. very, very excited. where the nationals play next, though, remains up in the air at this point. if they have a better record than the reds or tie them for the best, after the season ends, the nats will have home field advantage through the playoffs and they'll play the winner of the wild card game on sunday and they'll do that on the road. if the reds finish better than the nats when the record is done at the end of the regular season, the nats will take on the giants in the first round
6:36 am
and that series would begin saturday in san francisco. >> let's go, nats. get it done. the occupy movement is preparing what it calls street theater for today. nearly a hundred members took to the streets around k street northwest yesterday. today the group plans to target the federal reserve and what it calls other global entities and the mainstream media. the day ends with what's called a sleepful protest around lafayette square. american university students are being warned about a man fondling women near campus. in the last week, four women have been attacked and all of the incidents happened on massachusetts avenue between the berkshire apartments and the ward circle building. the description of the suspect is a vague one. he's described as being between 20 and 30 years of age wearing a dark hoodie and jeans. organizers with the national children's museum says it will be open by december. the new facility on waterfront street at national harbor in
6:37 am
oxon hill, maryland and part of the new museum will have a "sesame street" theme for kids 3 and under and the museum is planning a grand opening december 14. at 6:37, jessica doyle is watching your money. >> apparently money is coming back to american express card holders. this isn't the first card having some issues. >> if you're an american express card holder, you may be in for a refund. the company must pay back $85 million for a number of violations. 250,000 customers are affected by this ruling. you'll be notified if you're one of the wrongdoing included. telemarketers misleading customers into believing they received $300 when they signed up for the blue sky credit card but customers never got the money. officials say in 2010 american express seen terrion bank and express bank charged late fees that were higher than the legal limit and they used the credit scoring system that
6:38 am
discriminated against new account applicants over the age of 35. toys 'r' us upping the antee this holiday shopping season. it will offer a price matching guarantee. this follows free l.a.away -- free layaway and toy reservation programs. starting tuesday, that would be today, you'll start paying $10 for every person they convince for signing up for an audio plan. it's a way to edge out the competition. subscription music services are gaining in popularity. generally ten bucks a month they allow users to stream an unlimited amount of songs on mobile devices. >> that's pretty a creative way to nab a market share. cool. thank you. our time 16:38. as our region celebrates the 2012nl east title, we'll take a look at some baseball memorabilia from d.c.'s past.
6:39 am
that's coming up in about nine minutes. >> keep the umbrella handy or possibly your new championship hat on your head. we'll let you know when the rain will move out. keep it here. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
6:40 am
number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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welcome back to nine fine now. it's -- to 9news now. it's 6:43. we're checking out the ride for you. if you're traveling inbound on the bw parkway, route 50, if that is your route of travel to get toward kenilworth avenue, an accident south of eastern avenue on southbound 295 tying up the left side of the roadway. delays are near 410 on 50 and on the bw parkway building through cheverly just to get to this crash in the district. inbound lanes of rhode island avenue are still tied up near 2nd street northeast with the crash as well. travelers on 270 southbound has already seen delays in the rain trying to get to hyattstown, off and on from frederick to
6:44 am
germantown. a broken down vehicle in the local lanes near falls road. both the local lanes and main lanes heavy toward the 270 spur and the main line to get to the beltway. east on 66 hangup out of fair lakes into fair oaks and vienna with the vehicle broken down at nutley street. inside the beltway volume in falls church starting to ease on the right side of the screen now that the hov rules kicked in. next timesaver traffic at 6:58. back to you. >> thank you. i'm here in the weather center with howard. will you definitely need rain gear for the morning. what about later today? >> probably going to need it the afternoon too. i'm expecting fewer showers this afternoon. looks like the axis of the rain which will be on top of us this morning will be moving more east as we get into the afternoon. so the thinking is at least through mid-morning we'll be on and off with the showers. then this afternoon a few showers but maybe more east of the bay. the bus stop forecast, we've got showers out there. in fact some of them have been producing some heavy downpours this morning, especially north and west of d.c. temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to
6:45 am
upper 60s. in fact it's even 70 at pax river naval air station currently. the warmer air is moving n. low 70s by noon. with fewer showers and maybe a sunny break or to in the cloud cover, we could see temperatures mid-70s to 80 degrees before the day is out. winds southeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour. showers have been moving southwest to northwest at a good clip. the heavier rains, the first batch north of town now. laytonsville, germantown up 270 to clarks burke. headed toward urbana and frederick. mount airy. west of -- north of ellicott city is where the showers are heading. new showers coming out of fairfax. that will head back into montgomery county. look at the showers south into prince william county. this is scattered about. this goes all the way down into areas of eastern georgia. so the moisture is in place. 66 here in town. easton 65. still mid- to upper 50s in the shenandoah valley where we've
6:46 am
had some rain. steven in cross junction told me three tenths of an inch of rain in one hour. the weather camera showing the cloudy skies, 66 degrees. still about 20 minutes till sunrise. a light wind and humidity at 83%. there's the big fetch of moisture coming out of eastern georgia now. that's why we'll be in and out of the showers for the day. i think again more in the morning than this afternoon. here we're at 8:15. we'll advance the clock to noon. i think it will be a little more than this. looks like the eastern areas may have a better chance for a few showers later than out west. maybe just a peek or two of sun this afternoon. 78 today. tonight we're dipping into the 60s to near 70. patchy fog. an isolated shower, muggy night. my ac will be working tonight. isolated shower wednesday with more sun in the afternoon. warm, 84. thursday 82. friday looks real fine as well, 80. then over the weekend chance of a shower saturday. maybe better sunday as the strong cold front heads this way. michael? >> all right, howard. a lot of fun to be had this
6:47 am
morning. did you know the last time the district saw playoff baseball was back in 1933? we have some memorabilia this morning from that era. this is john from the baseball hall of fame in cooperstown. the nationals -- actually the nationals now but the senators back then made it to and won a world series. >> that's exactly right. they won the world series back in 1924. very some artifacts from the baseball hall of fame from that. we'll start off with this. this is the glove that bucky harris who was the player manager for the senators, he was playing second base. it's an amazing piece. you can feel like you could go out and play baseball with it right now. it's still in great condition. it's obviously a different design that's evolved over the years. >> no laces between the fingers. look at that web. ' mazingly he set four world series records for a second baseman. still never been matched.
6:48 am
>> he's a player manager at the same time. >> he's playing, managing, he's doing everything. >> we were talking before we did this segment. you said long before the world championship rings came about, these things were the way they celebrated with jewelry. >> it's a watch fab so it goes on your pocket watch. in your vest. this hangs out and let's everybody know you're a world champion. just a beautiful piece. in the 1920's when the senators won, sometimes they had rings. sometimes they had watches. sometimes they had the watch box. later on in the '20s they went to rings and it's been rings ever since. >> this has the capitol on it, a diamond encrusted in the middle so it's a beautiful piece. what about this baseball? this has a connection to a president. >> this is a ball that was thrown out by franklin d. roosevelt in 1933 which was the last time the senators went to the world series. it was caught by hiney manuche.
6:49 am
>> hiney? >> hiney. it made have been behind rick -- hindri cri k. he wrote on t. he wrote the president's name on there. the funny thing is you see franklin d. he didn't know how to spell roosevelt's name so ross felt is what he wrote on there. all these items were donated. >> for so many people who are old enough to be baseball fans and are adults, a lot of them in this area grew up as orioles fans. it's interesting and fun to celebrate washington baseball history as they get a chance to make more of it. pleasure to meet you sir. we toss it over to jessica. she has daily deals now. over to you. >> thanks, mike. we have the ninja and the nutella edition of today's daily deal. get your ninja on with this deal from groupon. 99 bucks gets you a day of ninja training. this is knife fighting skills with rubber knives, hard-core
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today is tuesday, october 2. here's a check on the news before you go. if you haven't heard, there was a party in the locker room on the field and in the stands last night at nationals park. the nationals won the national league east title when the braves lost to the pirates. d.c. will begin the playoffs on the road this weekend. independent minor league baseball is coming to ashburn, virginia. the loudoun towns announced plans to play and build a stadium near route 7 and the loudoun county parkway. the team had planned to build the stadium near dulles town center. it hopes to be on the field by 2014. your next meal from a food truck in the district will cost a little more. the trucks must now charge you 10% meals tax just like other restaurants charge. it is 6:54. let's get the answer to the question of the morning. here's the question one more
6:55 am
time. 85% of team who own one of these things never use it. is it a, a treadmill, b, an oven or c, a piano? >> the answer is twinkle those ivories every now and then, it's c, piano. >> that was andrea's guess, too. one more check of traffic and weather when 9news continues. keep it here.
6:56 am
6:57 am
6:58 am
we're silly this morning. it is because your washington nationals as we show the garb, mailed it as the nl east champs. >> it's in the bag. >> it's in the bag. >> all right. >> that's our producer dan with his championship hat. we do appreciate it. the other thing we appreciate, the video we showed earlier, in addition to the celebration on the locker room, the guys were on the field high fiving the fans which means a lot. >> they're great. they met with buddy check we profiled. they were so nice to him.
6:59 am
that's why they're champions because they're good to the people in the community and we love them back. >> if they make it to the world series, i bet you teddy wins. we've got rain this morning. it's going to slow down the commute. watch out for that. scattered showers, fewer this afternoon. 78. tomorrow isolated sour, 84. -- shower, 84. nice friday, changes over the weekend. eastbound 66 obstacle at nutley street is repofd. look at the lineup that begins at manassas on 66 through centreville, fair oaks and getting into vienna. the drive on 95 and 395 still slow goes getting across the occoquan and now heading up past landmark towards shirlington. >> thanks, bev. cbs this morning, they are talking presidential debate. >> anderson cooper stops by studio 57. i'll be back with a live update a weather and traffic. see you in a little bit. go nats.


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